Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stick It Out

Yesterday was rough, let's just admit that. But what are we going to do? Give up? If I left you with the impression that that's a good idea, allow me to correct it. Quitting is for rational people with real job skills and as my offspring you're unlikely to fall in either category. Apples and distances from trees and all that.

Perhaps this whole discussion doesn't seem germane to you. Perhaps you're just floating around in some sort of disgusting bodily fluid and thinking that a pep talk for a penny sized entity is unnecessary. Maybe it is. It's just that as an ER doctor your mom is suddenly running into a number of women in the midst of miscarrying. She caught one last night which seemed to leave an impression. Obviously, if you've gotta go you've gotta go. One can't fight nature. I'm just saying that if you can stick it out, we'd appreciate it. I'm sure it's not easy in there, but the difficult things usually end up being the most satisfying. Remember that when you see the size of the exit.

As for me I'm now staring at a wall papered with 83 note cards of various colors which together, somehow, represent the rest of the book. By my early count, there's 33 more chapters to write. That's roughly one a week if you and I are going to be finished at the same time. That's a tall order, no doubt, but I'm game if you are. Honestly, I'd rather write five chapters a week than try to squeeze my head through... there's challenges ahead for both of us is what I'm trying to say.

Novel- On the wall
Dunking - Still crippled
French - What if I just teach you the accent?

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hallwayfour said...

Ah, how sweet. A pep talk.


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