Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baby Mojo

Look, I think you have to take the hit for the less than perfect honeymoon. That's just how it is. That said, I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. I've been doing what I do for a long time without much to show for it, then you come along and suddenly I'm interviewing for a job writing a disney/pixar animated feature. Ipso facto, baby mojo.

A little history since you're new around here. I'm what they call a 'not particularly successful writer'. That may be due to my being a 'not particularly good writer'. You pretty much have to know me to have heard of me. The names of the places my material has appeared are so obscure I forget the titles. Add to that the fact that the work itself appeals to a small population of family members and people with those patches on the elbows of their tweed jackets and even you, a brainless bundle of cells would rightly be confused why I'd be in the mix for a big budget mainstream project.

I do have another script that's ostensibly headed into production. According to those in the know, I'm weeks from being on set filling my pockets with food from the craft service table. But, there's a million ways for that to go wrong and only one for it to go right. When things require an alignment of the stars I tend end up in the dark eating rahmen noodles, so until someone says, "hey, those cookies are for the cast" I think we're both better of pretending like that one's not even happening.

But this, this is what they call legitimate work, and I sure as hell didn't have anything to do with it, so you get to take all the credit. Enjoy it. There's always more blame just around the corner.

So don't let me keep you. Whatever you're doing, it's shit for your mom's digestion, but it's working wonders for my career. You may feel someone rubbing you for luck in the morning. I'll need whatever you can spare.

P.S. I injured myself this weekend so the dunk training is going to be delayed. If you want to send some mojo to my hip flexor it would be much appreciated. I might not be able to dunk, but maybe I could get up the stairs.

Novel - Who needs a novel when you've got Disney?
Dunking - Infirm
French - Looking for my books.

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